You maybe the proud owner of a beautiful authentic wooden floor whether it's a gorgeous old parquet masterpiece or something contemporary perhaps a glorious original Pine Edwardian / Victorian floorboards? The great thing to remember about wooden floors is that you can restore them back to their original showpiece, as the floor ages over the years it may show signs of scuffed marks, stained area(s) or just basically lifeless. With the necessary care, attention to detail and restoration we can bring back life to your floor showing the full  beauty of the grain and the depth of colour to it's full potential as originally.


Original Edwardian / Victorian pine floorboards, parquet woodblocks, mosaic panel, solid or engineered flooring, all  these types of flooring mentioned above can be restored back to their original aesthetic glory with the added benefit of a bespoke finish of your choice. Take advantage of our free sampling from a wide range of stain colours or the type of lacquer finish (matt or satin) that you would prefer for your flooring, once decided on a few finishes we will apply in-situ the samples straight onto your floor in a small prepared area showing you the potential outcome finish rather than just visualising or from a portfolio. By ascertaining this procedure it will give you the confidence of making the correct decision when choosing your bespoke flooring finish & a peace of mind.