The Lagler HUMMEL belt sanding machine is the best-known floor sander in the world, with thousands of models in use across the globe. Mature, long-life technology for perfect sanding quality and enormous machine power have made it the undisputed number one system for parquet floor finishing for decades. The combination of an aggressive sanding drum, three-stage drum pressure regulation and belt tensioning device with integrated automatically regulated belt guidance guarantees quick work and optimum sanding quality. 


A core part of the Lagler PST® system, The HUMMEL is used for the precise cleaning and levelling of the surface with its rough sanding. This results in a clean and levelled floor as well as a perfect basis to continue with the TRIO.

The Lagler TRIO multi-disc sanding machine is both powerful and versatile. The machine can be adapted for aggressive sub-floor removal of remnants and adhesives, intermediate sanding, blending in edges or as the last step to achieve a fine, premium finish using high-grit mesh. It's three discs operate in a unique random sanding pattern, evenly finishing the floor to a superior standard.


The powerful motor has been optimally designed for both the heavy-duty and sensitive requirements of these areas of application. The integrated, sensor-monitored dust extractor and filter system guarantee virtually dust-free work. Disposal of the dust bag is also dust-free. The TRIO is also the first Wood Dust Certified fine finishing sander in the world, meaning the user's exposure to wood dust during work stays extremely low. This eliminates the need for additional dust containment and extraction equipment.


  • The Lagler Unico

  • The ideal sanding machine for all edge areas without shoulders.

  • Power: Single phase, 110V motor, thermal overload protected. 10 Amp fuse.

  • Balance: The steering handle is centered over the sanding disc for easy, perfect control. Sand while kneeling or standing by adjusting the steering handle height.

  • Dust Control: A canvas cloth bag ties onto the 3” female outlet.. Or remove the bag and attach the Unico to a Mighty Vac or Super Vac tank vacuum.

  • 3 Machines in One: Use a 4”, 6” and 12” sanding attachment to control your sanding reach. Attachments change in minutes with the hex wrench. Includes 6” and 12” attachments. A 4” attachment is optional.

  • Sandpaper: The Unico uses conventional sandpaper or Velcro mounted sanding discs. 

  • No Shadows: Unico has a pivoting work light. No shadows mean easier, better results.

  • Includes: 6”, and 12” sanding attachments, allen wrench mounting tool, dust bag and 30 ft. power cable.

The Lagler FLIP is a new benchmark in edge sanding technology with durability and efficient sanding at the forefront of its design. The heart of the FLIP is the powerful motor with enormous suction power to keep work environments virtually dust-free. The unexpectedly handy weight of the FLIP is due to the highly durable glass-fibre reinforced plastic that is used in the motor casing, handle and attachment.


The FLIP has been designed down to the last detail with ergonomics, simple handling and maintenance in mind and can be easily applied to a variety of edge sanding requirements with its selection of additional attachments. The FLIP is also the first Wood Dust Certified edge sander in the world, with dust emissions at less than 1mg per m3 ensuring a safe working environment and making it the chosen edger of the Lagler Premium Sanding Technology®system.

The Festool ROTEX RO150 is extremely ergonomic and has an outstanding capacity for material removal and dust extraction.


Three tools in one for course sanding, fine sanding and polishing


ROTEX rotary motion for efficient material removal


Eccentric motion for high-quality, scratch free surfaces


FastFix sanding pad system, tool-less


Ideal ergonomic grip positions


Sand up to the edge thanks to Festool PROTECTOR



The Festool CT26 Dust Extractor Hoover


The Festool CT26 Dust Extractor is a 26 Litre dust extractor that is ideal for use with the Rotex sander range for dust free sanding.